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Safety Camouflage LED Collar
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Safety Camouflage LED Collar

Regular price $14.99

Put a DogLite LED light-up dog collar on your dog and you'll see them on walks or in the garden even off-leash.

Don't lose sight of your dog!
If you love the night or early mornings, the DogLite Collar means you and others will not lose sight of your dog, even if they run into bushes off the lead. 

Perfect for day & night walk with your dog 

Colour Available: Green / Blue / Red / Yellow / Off-White / Pink 

Size (All collars are fully adjustable.) Please measure your dog

  • Small - Perfect for miniature poodles, Yorkies, and similar breeds.
  • Medium- Perfect for Maltese, terriers, pugs and similar breeds.
  • Large- Perfect for Rottweilers, Labradors, and similar sized breeds.
  • Extra Large- Great for the biggest of big boys or girls
    Size Length Width
    S 35-43cm/13.65-16.77''      2.5cm/0.98''
    M 40-48cm/15.6-18.72'' 2.5cm/0.98''
    L 45-52cm/17.55-20.28'' 2.5cm/0.98''
    XL 52-60cm/20.28-23.4'' 2.5cm/0.98''